How to map Key:smoothness

By starting this thread, I hope to create a community of mappers interested in mapping smoothness and develop a consensus on how to consistently map this key around the world. As with all classification schemes, classification of smoothness is not fully objective and may differ from mapper to mapper. It may even be said that it is not verifiable. However, I think it provides very useful information for map users.

We can develop the consistent mapping of smoothness by:

  • Posting photos of surfaces, discussing them and voting on them

  • Cooperate on adding the best possible example photos to the Key:smoothness and Key:smoothness/Gallery wiki pages.
    Ideally these pages will show high quality example images of surfaces that are smack in the middle of each smoothness category (on the main Key:smoothness wiki page) as well as other typical examples and border cases (good and bad end of each category) for all commonly used surface values (on the Gallery page)

  • Answer questions and offer help

I hope this will be a long thread!

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