How to map recultivated area

I recently have been on vacation on Helgoland and did some mapping there. I noticed that one area which was used for camping has been recultivated, so the mapped paths and features in this area are no longer there.

(as I’m new in this forum I adjusted some of my links to have all information in one post and get around the “max 3 links in one post” restriction)

During my vacation I added following Notes to the map:

from this side, the way is no longer visible

second entrance - probably the best visible part of the former path

third access path - not really visible anymore

I did not follow the paths, but I suppose that e.g. the camping places inside /way/273806295 are no longer in use.

If I remember correctly, the information board /node/2674960159 also states something about the recultivation process, I found a short post about that recultivation here: ♥

Now my question: how should I adjust the map?
a) Should I just remove the paths and traces that should no longer exist? (e.g. remove the benches like /node/2675043078 and trash cans?
b) Should I add a tag like Key:demolished:* or wiki/Key:removed:* to the (visible) pathes?
c) perhaps the sign posts depicted in my photos could be added as barrier or information board?

I’m not sure about the area /way/247250782 - it is still visible as a separate area but I suppose it is no longer used for camping.

I’m glad to hear your advices on how to adjust this area.

not far away I also removed a path of the beach access as it is no longer available - I suppose this may have been changed around the same time, perhaps some local editors know? (see /changeset/139408394 and /note/3802534 )

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