How to map the presense (or also the absense) of a separate, but still integrated ashtray on an amenity=waste_basket


I’m just wanting to askg how to tag an ashtray integrated in a waste_basket.

At the moment, the key ashtray=yes/no is used 485 times, but it’s not documented.

For ashtrays which are separate, own objects, I found on the page Tag:waste=cigarettes - OpenStreetMap Wiki
that they’d be to tag with amenity=waste_basket + waste=cigarettes.
But are we by the way in consensus of that, at all?

Because when I saw this tagging scheme, I thought again how to find a suitable tagging scheme for ashtrays which are integrated in the waste_basket. In particular, I didn’t want to simply continue to use ashtray=yes afterwards without asking.

I’m going to show two pictures here to show what I mean by bin-integrated ashtrays:

Google Photos

Google Photos

How would you tag these?

I thought about something like waste:cigarettes:separated=yes, but I’m not sure about this.

It would fit more to the amenity=waste_basket + waste=cigarettes-scheme, provided that the scheme mentioned is consensus/sensible at all.

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