How to map, where to base a slanted retaining wall line?

We have many what I would call ‘slanted’ retaining walls. In the imagery from space it could be mistaken as being a flat area but that it aint. The case on hand is from top to bottom

Mobile hill of different soils, scrub, a drain, steep grassy slope, slanted retaining wall to include it going around an emergency parking bay with SOS phone, to motorway area in a wide excavation thru the hilly terrain leading at left to a tunnel.

The question is, where to map the wall as a line

a) at it’s footing
b) at the top.

The consequence of mapping at the base is it resulting in an unfilled gap between the grassy/shrub slope and the retaining wall.

Thought of introducing a width, but since the height varies, that width is not a constant.

FTB, mapped this at it’s base and accept the gap but it’s sub optimal.

Any suggestion to improve on this is welcome.

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