How to mark a trail as dangerous? (and would you consider repairing it on your own?)

I’ve been on a trail that has been created over the years by hikers (Trampelpfad) that is therefore not maintained by the state. Due to bad weather events (storm, etc.) some parts of the trail are litteraly only 10cm wide and are very slippery and exposed.

What’s the best way to mark this part of the trail as dangerous on OSM?
Currently I’ve set the highest hiking difficulty available in our region (T5) to ensure that hikers are aware that a wrong step could have fatal consequences.

By the way, a question to the hikers: would it be seen as a bad hiking practice to try “repair” the trail on your own by elarging the trail on purpose while hiking there?

To give you an idea, here is how it looked like when it was still very safe (at least compared to now…)

Photo copyright: mmmatze

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