How to properly tag a post office brand/operator?

Hey guys,

We were discussing a new project, to update tags of our Brazilian Postal Service (Correios), using the Name Suggestion Index (NSI) suggestions at iD.

However, I was quite confused with the suggestions, so I want to be sure if NSI is giving us the appropriate tags or if we should update them at NSI.

Our postal service is public (like USPS, for example) but they have their own agencies and franchised ones (operated by private people). So, in my opinion the tags to be used are brand and brand:wikidata, but NSI suggests operator and operator:wikidata.

Looking at the post office wiki we have:

  • brand=* - brand of the postal service provider
  • operator=* - if a company other than the postal service provider operates the post office facility.

So it seems to me that all post offices in Brazil should have the brand tag, and if known by the mapper, the operator tag as well (which might be the same as the brand or might be different if the operator is another company/person).

Doing some tests on iD, with known post offices companies, NSI suggests:

DPD: brand and brand:wikidata
UPS: brand, brand:wikidata, operator and operator:wikidata
Fedex: brand and brand:wikidata
DHL: brand, brand:wikidata, operator and operator:wikidata
USPS: operator and operator:wikidata

We have these two pages at NSI:
24 entries at Brand
136 at Operators

So, how should we use those tags properly?

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