How to query by around (payment types) in addition to amenity (cafe)


I keep hitting brick walls with this, can someone point me in the right direction?

I want to get businesses which accept BTC and in addition to these any cafes and hotels within lets say 800m of a users current position.

NB: I don’t want business which accept BTC, and that are also cafes or hotels. I’d like those that are tagged as cafes (with no relation to BTC) and in addition any that also accept BTC (even if they aren’t cafes or hotels).

I have success when I want to get one or the other but when I want to combine them I cant seem to figure out the correct syntax from the docs.

I’ve tried these two below successfully via Overpass but am having trouble combining them:

[out:json][timeout:35];node(around:800,16.04782653252603,108.24891002343203)[‘currency:XBT’=‘yes’][name];out meta;

[out:json][timeout:35];node(around:800,16.04782653252603,108.24891002343203)[amenity=cafe][name];out meta;

I would also accept an answer that did this with BBox if that was more appropriate. I read it is faster than around.


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