How to show all users with the last edit in area in the last n days?

I think this might be interesting if someone is trying to organize a regulars’ table or something and know they are not active in the forum or on the chat. A ready tool would be appreciated, otherwise it seems i have to look at overpass :smiley:

So, i found How to get "all users that made edits on a bbox" in overpass? - Geographic Information Systems Stack Exchange

out meta;

this one and it results in a list of the last user that edited a object for every object in that bbox. Pretty long list :smiley: So, i can work with that, but i would need the following

  • Group together each identical value, like “negreheb” is there 20 times, it should show up just once
  • Set a timefrage, for example “last N days” but a simple “<[DATE]” would work as well :slight_smile:

I tried adding the timestamp() but it seems that was wrong as it does nothing :confused: (found that one there)

out meta;

I hope someone can help me or give me further information so i can solve this :slight_smile:

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