How to tag a country/culture(?) specific store?

In my country you can sometimes encounter something similar to convenience stores but which sell items specific to another country or to the culture of that other country.

For example, there’s a Turkish specific shop (that’s how we call them here) which sells: turkish delight (so, sweets), coffee, coffee brewing pots, hummus and even purses with turkish designs on them.

Similarly, there’s an italian one which sells fresh vegetables and olives, fruits, wine, cheese, bread/pasta/rice and… some clothing items (e.g. t-shirts).

Similarly to the turkish one, the common element here is that all the merchandise is from the country which the store represents.

So, how should these be tagged? I don’t see them as convenience stores (because they most times lack the “variety of everyday products”), but they’re not coffee stores, clothing stores, greengrocers either… they’re an in-between. And I’d also like to be able to specify which country/culture the shop represents (can’t really use the name= for this)

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