How to tag a oneside - both direction cycleway along a oneway street without seperate line?

How to tag a single-side both direction cycleway along a oneway street. There is only one cycleway that can be used in in both directions. I don’t want use a separate line because the cycleway is on the sidebord directly beside the road.

When I use the following OSMR and GraphHopper are routing only oneway (OsmAnd does it correct):


I can add oneway:bicycle=no (this may solve the routing), but this I would understand this to allow cycling on the road in opposite direction.

cycleway:right=opposite_track sounds lika a oneway cycleway in opposite direction.

Am I misinterpreting the tags or are the routers not yet familiar with the new options?
(Please ignore the sidewalk and if it is segregated ore not - this does not matter for my question.)

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