🛬 How to tag aeroway systems (PAPI & VASI) that consist of multiple object?

Airports :flight_arrival: often have visual approach slope indicators installed next to runways. These usually consist of 2-6 lights that are positioned in a certain pattern to each other:
VASI are usually two separate installations of 2-3 parallel lights parallel which are
PAPI are four lights (in rare cases even just two) in one line perpendicular to the runway next to each other.

The challenge in mapping these in OpenStreetMap is that currently there seem to be two schools of thought as to whether to map them as nodes (aeroway=navigationaid + navigationaid=papi / navigationaid=vasi ) at the individual light locations or one node at the center of the “system”, e.g. for PAPI in the middle of the four lamps. Here are two JOSM screenshots of both ways (the line icons with the white and red dots is the PAPI OSM node objects):

For VASI systems I have only come across mappings of either only the first system or both of them being tagged as nodes (the icons with the 6 white and red dots are VASI OSM node objects):

:grey_question:Now I’m a bit torn :man_shrugging:t3: to follow the OSM premise of “one object - one item” because the question is whether to map lamps or systems. And if we map systems: Where to locate the OSM node for VASI systems when the lamps are a bunch of meters apart?
Would love to get some input from fellow mappers on how they would approach this, particularly if you haven’t been doing aeroway mapping so far :smiley:

Example links:
Miami Airport PAPI example in ID Editor
Merced Airport VASI example in ID Editor

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