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How to tag an a food cooperative / food co-op supermarket?


I wonder if there was already some discussion about how to tag a food cooperative supermarket (see Food_cooperative on wikipedia – as a new member, I’m not allowed to have three links in this post).

From my own research, those supermarkets are:

  1. owned by a cooperative
  2. run by volunteers
  3. offering local products

It seems there are at least two kinds:

As you can see, I’ve tried to better define them with the use of operator:type=cooperative and access=private tags. But I don’t feel it covers the use case especially my the point 2. run by volunteers. Perhaps it would make sense to use self_checkout=only?

Has the subjects already appears in some mailings lists (like with other keywords) or any other resources? Can you think of a better way to tag them?

Thanks in advance

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