How to tag an arch **symbolising** entry to area

Think of the place where you enter Chinatown, or any arch like one of these …

or you can add the ones you surely have seen while travelling … there should be like 7 such archs while travelling from Ouarzazate to Er-Rachidia, as “gates to the desert”.

what’s common among them, and making them different from barrier=entrance: no linear barrier for which you can consider this an entrance, just an ideal division between conceptual units.

or the entrance to the Barrio Chino in Lima:

you can decide to walk through it, or around it, there’s no barrier anywhere, except ideally.

the above hint sounded quite right, but as of now there’s just 57 objects tagged like that, and the standard Carto style does not render them in any way.

ideas on how to fix this?

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