How to tag barriers for all routing engines?


Summary: different routing engines do different things with barrier=yes.

I commented on an edit I thought was low-quality:

The organised editing team (Amazon? Mapbox?) have made some changes, which in my opinion improve things. The barrier is a node tagged barrier=yes.

But it doesn’t route very well. Some routers think a barrier=yes is closed, some think it is open.

Logic table:
Bicycle (Graphopper) open
Bicycle (OSRM) closed
Bicycle (Valhalla) open

Car (Graphopper) open
Car (OSRM) closed
Car (Valhalla) closed

Foot (Graphopper) open
Foot (OSRM) closed
Foot (Valhalla) open

(see for yourself here)

I’m planning to suggest to the editors that based on the information they have, that they should tag the node


That is all the information they have.

Will this route consistently? Or should they also be advised to add access=yes as a third tag? This is the suggestion on the wiki here, but I’m still not sure if that would solve this “different engine, different routes” problem.

Thoughts? And is there anywhere we can read the policies of different routing engines?


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