How to tag combined road shoulders and bus lanes

Hi all,

I am trying to add information on lanes for the Eastern Freeway in Melbourne, Australia (the ways along this relation: Relation: ‪Eastern Freeway‬ (‪12534708‬) | OpenStreetMap).

I have a few questions that the relevant wiki pages are not able to resolve for me:

  1. Counting lanes: Is a road shoulder counted as a ‘lane’ for the purposes of the :lanes= schema and bus:lanes=*? This freeway has shoulders on both sides of each one-way section that are also used as bus, taxi and emergency vehicle lanes. When I am adding the tag for lanes=* for the total number of lanes, should the road shoulders be included in this count?

  2. Tagging bus lanes/shoulders: What would be the best way to tag access for these road shoulders? As I mentioned, they are designated for buses, taxis and emergency vehicles.

Many thanks!

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