How to tag contraflow bike lanes on one-way streets?

I recently came across a cycleway tagging situation that closely resembles this scenario (wiki link):

Screenshot from 2023-07-26 14-41-52

In the above screenshot, the new style is compared with the older, less specific style. In the older style, the tag cycleway=opposite_lane is used. In the new style, the cycleway:left key is used to denote the position of the cycleway relative to the mixed-use lane.

When I entered these tags into iD, I noticed that the following drop-down menus were added to the Edit Feature menu:

With the tag cycleway:left=lane, iD interprets this as a “Standard Bike Lane.” If I select “Opposite Bike Lane” as pictured, iD edits the tag to be cycleway:left=opposite_lane.

My question is as follows: is the single tag cycleway:left=opposite_lane preferable over (or equivalent to) using cycleway:left=lane with cycleway:left:oneway=-1? I feel that combining cycleway:left=opposite_lane with cycleway:left:oneway=-1 would be redundant and potentially confusing.

This is a relatively niche case, but it feels that the OSM Wiki and iD editor defaults are at odds here. I understand that there is ongoing discussion regarding cycleway tagging, so there may not be a clear answer. Thanks in advance for your help!

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