How to tag double doors?

Note that “double door” here isn’t refering to two doors side-by-side. Instead, it’s where you open one door at a time.

I’ve been adding info to building entrances (doors), and I’ve noticed that it can be common to have two doors in a row in order to keep heat in/out when someone enters. However, I haven’t been able to find a tag to represent this.

Often, these are a pair of automatic sliding doors, although sometimes they are manual swing doors.

If there isn’t already a tag in use, something like door:double=yes or double_door=yes could work. I’ve also seen cases where the second door is perpendicular to the first one, so maybe the tagging could be door:double=parallel and door:double=perpendicular.

The problem with the above tagging is that “double door” is more commonly used to refer to a door in two halves, side-by-side. Does anyone know another name for this kind of door, so that it can be unambiguously tagged?

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