How to tag Eduroam WiFi networks?

Eduroam is a “mechanism” that allows for almost any uni student or professor to use wifi at almost any other university in thr world.

The problem is that this means eduroam networks are not really “public” in the sense that almost anyone can use them but they aren’t private or internal either.

The best option I can think of right now is to create a internet_access:for tag with the following possible values:

  • anonymous_public — no registration of any kind is necessary but logs may still be kept and ot may require some sort of ToS approval.
  • registered_public — the user needs to do some sort of registration before using the network.
  • customers — the user needs to actually be a costumer of the place to use the network.
  • members — the user needs to be already a member of the place and the application process is “non-trivial” (e.g. becoming a uni student)

Thus, eduroam would be tagged as internet_access=wlan, internet_access:for=members, and internet_access:ssid=eduroam.

Note that this is not the same as internet_access:fee as that is about how much money it costs meanwhile internet_access:for is about who can even hope to use/pay for internet access at the place.

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