How to tag fairgrounds

I already wrote about the inconsistent tagging of fairgrounds in the us in us OSMUS Slack server, but thought I’d ask here as well in hope of finding some sort of consensus.

Fairgrounds, in the US, are permanent facilities designed to host state and county fairs, types of agricultural shows: “a public event exhibiting the equipment, animals, sports and recreation associated with agriculture and animal husbandry.” These facilities will often include exhibition halls, barns for competition animals, sports stadiums, as well as areas to set up temporary stalls, carnival games, and attractions. Oftentimes other events may be held on the fairgrounds in other parts of the year such as exhibitions, sports events, or community events.

Currently these tend to be tagged as leisure=park, landuse=recreation_ground, or occasionally tourism=theme_park (probably because of the temporary carnival rides), but none of these quite seem right, and (in my opinion) this seems to be a more rural version of an exhibition center (amenity=exhibition_centre).

I’m happy to hear any feedback.

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