How to tag: Online groceries (Gorillas, Getir, Flink, ...)

Flink, Gorillas, Getir, Blinkit, FreshDirect, Самокат, Shipt, Gopuff, Instacart etc. are all so-called online grocers which deliver a similar range of food as convenience stores or even supermarkets via app to your home. I guess, these can be seen as one category of so-called dark stores.

At least in my area, the delivery people use branded e-bikes and (hence) they have bases the size of convenience stores all over town which look like convenience store depositories when you get a peek inside.

As far as I know, most operate as delivery-only shops, i.e. you cannot go inside and buy something.

How to tag these?

shop=convenience + delivery=only seems a fit. However, it seems to me a bit of a troll tag because it requires every data consumer interesting in go-to places to also evaluate the delivery=only tag.

On the other hand, building=warehouse is tagged on buildings, not on the retail unit but these things are nothing like Amazon warehouses and the like.

Also, on the dark store wikipedia page, I read that some of these stores have at least also a Click-and-collect option, which means that you buy the stuff in the app and can go there to collect it like many delivery-only pizza places have. Amazon fresh apparently also has regular “brick & mortar” stores alongside their delivery service. Also, normal supermarket chains increasingly also offer delivery services. (I never used any of this, so I have no idea how they compare.)

Any thoughts or ideas?

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