How to tag permanently/temporarily closed u-turn links on major roads?

In Thailand, the status of u-turns on major roads (non-motorway) often changes. Incidents, accidents, or fatalities can lead to temporary closures for days, weeks, months, years, or even permanent shutdowns. However, there’s also the possibility of swift reopening.

I’ve noticed diverse tagging styles for these closures, causing frequent reversals. Therefore, I’d like to standardize and document this for our local community:

Most u-turns lack pedestrian access, but some people might use gaps between blocks (barrier=block) to cross on foot or motorcycle, even if it’s technically illegal.

Here are various tagging styles for similar highway=secondary_link closures that I’ve come across:

  • highway=no
  • highway=footway
  • highway=secondary_link + access=no + foot=yes
  • highway=secondary_link + motor_vehicle=no + foot=yes

Using highway=no or highway=footway seems problematic as it erases the original value, and the link may unexpectedly reopen.

I’m also not a fan of using unsigned legal access tags when there’s a more effective alternative.

I haven’t seen these locally, but I believe these tagging styles might be more appropriate:

  • disused:highway=secondary_link + highway=footway
  • disused:highway=secondary_link (if you think the footway is illegal)
  • closed:highway=secondary_link

What’s your opinion on this?

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