How to tag public transport platform amenities?

Hi everyone!

I am often adding details about amenities at public transport stops to the public_transport=platform way, e.g. wheelchair accessibility, information displays etc.

Consider the bus station on the picture I attached to this post (the bus stops at the train station of Sarnen OW in Switzerland). As you can see, there are a few seats for waiting passengers on the left, then there is also a digital departures board/information display indicating bus departures for all bus platforms you can see on the picture (yellow/blue screen on the very left).

Do I add e.g. departures_board=realtime (or bench=yes, shelter=yes etc.) to all of the ways representing individual bus stop platforms, even if there is no realtime departures board (bench, …) on the platforms themselves? Do I add bench=yes to the bus stop platforms even if the bench is not physically on the platform itself?

Thanks for your input!

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