How to tag shop selling plumbing supplies to general public? What about shop=plumbing_supplies?

See File:Фитинги (сантехника).JPG - Wikimedia Commons for an example products sold there. You will get various pipe elements, taps, part of taps, plumbing hardware etc.

Note that it is about shops generally available to everyone (I used one myself to get some elements of water tap to repair it).

Was discussed before in Note: 3862523 | OpenStreetMap

Is there some reason to prefer or reject one of following tags: shop=plumbing_supply shop=plumbing_supplies shop=plumbing ?

Is it likely that shop=plumbing was used or can be confused for office of a plumber or for something else better tagged as office=company?

Is there other in-use tagging for it or preferred tagging?

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