How to tag tricolor trails?

Dear OSM users and editors.

I’d like to ask about a method for tagging tricolor trails. Normal (standard) way for tagging, at least in Poland and Europe, are three horizontal stripes (bars) - top and bottom are white, middle one is red, blue, yellow etc. Recently I found a trail which has three different colors - green, yellow, red - as on attached photos. And other trail appeared in my area - brown, yellow, green.

Of course I know basic tags for trails:

colour=red - trail will be displayed with red line on the maps
osmc:symbol=red:white:red_bar - trail will be distinguished from others with white-red-white rectangle on maps which support it (for example

I checked the wiki but didn’t found an example for marking like described above. To be clear - I don’t look for method to display three color line on maps. I need only proper osmc:symbol tag.

Could anyone help?

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