How to tag unknown activity scale like mtb:scale

I have a use case where I am aware some specific trails are regularly used by MTBs but I do not know the exact activity scale

I am building a custom OsmAnd renderer and it would be nice to highlight those regular trails so that users/mappers fill in later the exact value.

Thinking about mtb:scale=yes or mtb:scale=unknown or mtb:scale=-1 which have been used a few times so far. (see taginfo)

Why just not avoid the tag completely? So we can differentiate them from other trails where we have no knowledge.

Another important aspect is some mappers have used for this purpose other tags like mtb=yes/no or bicycle=yes/no which were meant for signposted/legal access tags.

This makes it confusing for new mappers who may not be aware of the mtb:scale tag, and others may become lazy picking a scale value and just go for a simple yes/no access tag.

Ideally, I would like to do some cleanup in my area and convert existing bicycle=yes attached to mountain trails to a given mtb:scale value.

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