How to tag unpaved tracks primarily used for access to agricultural fields, with the exception of one residence or hotel?


  • I am working on improved guidelines for Thailand’s minor highways classification, so I am looking for global feedback, and yes I am aware each country may have its own variations.
  • We had many instances of (often rugged) highway=track converted to highway=residential due to the presence of what may look like a residence. While some conversions may be justified like in the examples below, often visible buildings are only farming huts used for daily work, or gardens not used as permanent residences.

When do you justify that a minor road primarily used for access to agricultural fields can be upgraded? Based on the number of residences/places along it? Based on the surface and its conditions (4wd or not)?


These examples are typical dirt tracks originally used to access nearby fields, and are not known to be used as through traffic (hence I believe making highway=unclassified inappropriate).

Would you tag these as highway=service, highway=residential, or highway=track and why ?

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