How to tag *unusable* sidewalks?

I was wondering how to tag situation when sidewalk is technically present, but is unusable at all times.
Things like this:

  • I don’t want to tag it as sidewalk:both=yes as while it was technically built as one (in times past, where the car was a rarity), it is unusable as a sidewalk at all times nowadays (this picture is taken when it is less crowded), so routers would try to get pedestrians there to their detriment

  • I don’t want to tag is as amenity=parking, as, although it is obviously being used as one, it is incorrect and illegal, and cars will from time to time be towed away and fines charged, and I’d like to avoid being found by motorcar mob and killed :cold_sweat:

  • I don’t want to leave it untagged, as next StreetComplete mapper that comes along will mark it as one of the (incorrect) options above

Any suggestions?

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