How to undo some local changes before upload?

I’m still learning JOSM and trying to make the most of it. I discovered this awesome plugin (GitHub - DavidKarlas/JosmReviewPlugin: JOSM plugin for reviewing changes.) in JOSM that helps me navigate my local changes and avoid uploading unintended modifications.

The plugin nicely displays the changes I’ve made.


(this is not a real use case, I just added something and modified some objects for the sake of a demo)

However, I’m struggling to figure out how to undo specific changes and upload the remaining ones. I can do it within the same session using the Command Stack, but when I close and reopen JOSM either with the saved session or an .osm file, the Command Stack is empty again.

Since this plugin can highlight (actually, “select”) the changes, I assume there must be a way to revert them somehow (but not using this plugin, there’s nothing in it for reverting).

Can anyone tell me how you normally do it?

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