How to update permanent trail closures in high use park?

The local parks department has done major construction on several natural surface trails which are a quite confusing trail and could easily get park guests lost! I’m not sure the proper process for getting the trails updated (their published updated map is incorrect, as it were!) doesn’t show all the changes).

I made edits to the trails based on a Strava .gpx file I uploaded showing some of the new routes (I walked the new trails, all very obvious, wide trails with new dirt and gravel). However, after editing on OSM, the changes are not showing. How do we expedite getting these changes reflected on the current map? I removed sections of trail that are now closed and created new trails reflecting where new trails have been constructed and connected.

I have plans to run a community science effort this summer and was horrified to discover how confusing the new trails are (the new marker posts have no labels on them, and it’s been months of no change!). I had hoped to rely on AllTrails (their base map is from OSM), so now took it upon myself to update the map.

Am I doing this right? How do I get the changes to show up? Does someone need to review/validate?

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