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How to use "ground control points" now?

Hi there,

I would like to add “ground control points” into OSM and I do not know how the way to do that is right now.

I asked this last year for the our idea of the NASA SpaceApps Challenge [0] and since then I am not sure I saw progress there.
I would like to add some marks I have found in Jena and also I would like to add others like the one we proposed during the challenge[1] via[2].

Firstly, can anyone help me how to do that? If there is no way to do that yet, I would like to ask for help to how to setup the structure to be able to add this day.

And secondly, maybe you are also interested to make those GCPs[2] in your area :).
It would be cool to see more distributed events doing those and help the mapping community to adjust their maps with these markers :). If your local OSM group is near to Jena, Germany, tell me. I hope to make this possible, create such a GCP as a big QR-Code and BBQ for you :).

[0] Talk:Proposed features/Ground Control Point - OpenStreetMap Wiki
[1] NASA SpaceApps 2021 project page (sorry, new community people can only post 2 links)

Best regards,


PS: This is my first post here. If I did something wrongly, please tell me.

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