How to use turn:lanes in osm to find lane connectivity on intersection

In osm,

Way A has nodes [n1, n2]

Way B has nodes [n2, n3]

Way C has nodes [n3, n4]

Way D has nodes [n4, n5]

coordinates - 1.28657, 103.8452

Way A has traffic “turn:lanes”=>“left|left;through|through|through|through;right|right”

Way B has traffic “turn:lanes”=>“left|left;through|through|through|through;right|right”

Way C and D do not have turn:lanes.

How to determine that the last lane of B Way also connects to D? Because there is no relation between B and D and C doesn’t have any turn:lanes information. I also looked at relations like route and connectivity from pbf file but didn’t find anything. If I want to have lane connectivity of this intersection then how can I do it?

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