How would I go about proposing adding the Rapid Editor to the OSM website?

This is NOT a forum post proposing to add the Rapid Editor to the OpenStreetMap website. Therefore, please save your comments about this proposition for where it will actually be proposed.

Where should I start a discussion and proposal about adding the Rapid Editor to the OpenStreetMap website?

I was thinking a wiki page might be suitable as it would allow for a stable proposition page and a discussion page with separated topics - which is much better than the single-thread discussion environment you get like with the previous GitHub issue discussion about this topic and would allow for the community to vote on the proposal.

However, I just want to make sure that such a proposal on the wiki would be recognized by the website maintainers and/or OSMF board as they are the ones who control the website. How the proposal is conducted may be of interest to them as well.

Let me know your thoughts. :slight_smile:

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