Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team United States Inc claimed ownership over (ref Brazilian forum at 2022-02-03 by Carla Habit)

As the title says: Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team United States Inc claimed ownership over ) (ref Brazilian forum at 2022-03-22 by employee Carla Habit)

Here’s the link: Nova plataforma de diálogo / users: Brazil / OpenStreetMap Forum (archived URL: Nova plataforma de diálogo / users: Brazil / OpenStreetMap Forum).

Why this is relevant

Since this Discourse platform is announced as part of OpenStreetMap dot org, I do assume this is under the umbrella of OpenStreetMap Foundation. However, such claims, even if implicit, go against OpenStreetMap Foundation, which defends the interest of the OSM users as a whole. For sake of comparison (in the order of 100 times more):

This person Carla Habit matches the name as one employee (or “contract”) of Humanitarian OpenStreetMap United States Inc (link here Humanitarian OSM Team/Board/Board Meeting Minutes/28 March 2022 - OpenStreetMap Wiki) however from an OpenStreetMap contribution, this person literally has only one post on that forum.

Let’s not fall into the trap of “ambiguous text” like say Carla Habit could be interpreted in two ways. The person who doesn’t seem to have any other collaboration on OSM is LITERALLY paid to be a spokesperson and is not the first time this type of thing (mistakes by paid person) needs to be corrected in public.

What’s going on? What’s the agenda not discussed in public?

Additional request: how to make a formal complaint to OSM Foundation?

I need some help on how to make a formal complaint about this case to be evaluated by the OpenStreetMap Foundation, but I’m not sure how to do it. Help is welcome. Also, any additional contextual information (such as more cases of this happening) are welcomed)=.

In addition to “correct the narratives” on the Brazilian forum, I’m also concerned with the eventual conflict of interests of people on this Discourse platform also being employees/contractors from Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team United States Inc. If the situation is “beyond repair” and the OSM Foundation is unsure how to fix it (or reach a point where it is forced to not react), this means this Discourse platform, despite being a software upgrade, would be a clear governance downgrade.

About conflict of interests in this discussion

As a bare minimum ethical imperative: I hope anyone commenting (but in particular if is moderator by editing this post) makes a clear disclaimer about conflict of interest ahead of commenting. By conflict of interest, this means for example both receive money currently or in recent past, and other types of gifts (such as travel, t-shirts etc) either directly by OpenStreetMap United States Inc or by organizations under significant financial sponsorship even if not directly apparent by name of organization (which in case of Latin America one example would be “Mapeo Abierto LATAM”).

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