ID editor mucking up bus routes

the past few months I’ve been adding a lot bus routes in my local area to OSM.
I’ve been using the PTv2 scheme to do it

One thing I have noticed when using the tool to check my work:
the ID editor seems to keep mucking up my work!
That is: it keep spontaneously re-ordering the ways in my bus route relation :frowning:

Under PTv2, it’s important for stops and way to be present in a relation in the right order.
ID doesn’t seem to interfere with the order of bus route nodes, thank goodness,
but it just shuffles the ways around :confused:

This is disastrous for bus routes where the bus doubles-back on itself or takes a side loop before continuing: as I understand it, PTv2 just wants you to include each way (untagged with any role) each time it is traversed by the bus, in the order the bus encounters them. (So, if a bus doubles back on itself, that way has to be present in the relation twice).

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