iD: selecting the element I want when disconnecting elements

iD has an “extract node” function.

When I select a node and choose “extract this node from its parent lines/areas”, the node I want is always at the bottom of the pile: to select the node I want, I first have to move the other lines/areas out of the way. Then I put the node I want where I want it, then I return the lines/areas to (roughly) where they were before.

This edits all the ways at that intersection, and returning the way is also imprecise.

Is there a way of selecting the node without moving the other ways? The same problem occurs when disconnecting and splitting multiple ways - the way you had selected when you performed the operation is at the bottom of the heap.

In this case I want to move n2620774068 to 51.047694, -3.630958. (I want to know how to do that, too, but will ask on another thread.)

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