Implementation of new tagging scheme of archaeological_site=

In a successful voting on the OSM wiki, it has been decided on 2022-12-03T23:00:00Z UTC to replace site_type with archaeological_site. 100,000+ POI are affected.

As of today, 75,000 of the occurrences have already been mechanically re-tagged, converting site_type= into archaeological_site=. It is not clear – at least to me –, if the lot of the OSM data users and renderers have been informed about this change, and if they have had enough time to adapt. At the same time, 45,000 POI are still tagged site_type=. Many are not yet re-tagged, and it is not known if and when they will be. 7000+ POI are tagged both, site_type= and archaeological_site= with identical values. site_type= currently has got 332 values, none of which refer to something other than archaeology.

The implementation of the change in tagging could be improved, it has been noted, see e. g. the discussion in the Germany forum. It would be good to have an agreed plan on what will be done when.

I suggest to

  • now tag all POIs tagged site_type= simultaneously with archaeological_site= and vice versa.
    I wrote a script that could do this.

  • in July 2023, remove the site_type= in all the POIs simultaneously tagged archaeological_site=.

What do you think?

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