Imported piste:type=downhill multipolygons

A lot of multipolygons such as Relation: ‪Geilo Skisenter (Geilo Taubane)‬ (‪10859535‬) | OpenStreetMap are present in Norway.
At, I treat such a MP as a downhill piste mapped as an area. My issue is there is no piste:difficulty associated with such MPs, thus the rendering looks odd.

Here, it seems the complete resort is mapped as this MP. Wouldn’t it be better to tag it landuse=winter_sport?

I’ve seen these odd rendering in Norway for years, so maybe it’s mapped according to the local community standard. In that case tell me and I can do something about it at opensnowmap ! On the contrary, if it is just a blind import, maybe it’s better to fix it.

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