Imports / Mass deletions in Belgium

Hi Belgium community,

I noticed this church (way/108516065 - Osmcha):

tag key
addr:city Binche
addr:postcode 7130
addr:street Rue des Récollets
building ruins
heritage 4
heritage:operator clt
heritage:ref 56011-CLT-0015-01
note Binche: l'ancienne église des Récollets sera détruite! - La DH/Les Sports+
old_name Église des Récollets

being replaced with this one (way/1122637984):

tag key
amenity place_of_worship
building yes

Seems like there are bulk imports and deletions in the area, so I guess there can be other replacements with loss of information like this one. Maybe you would like to investigate it (if you didn’t already) so I reported it here.

Other examples, churches replaced and all tags gone:

way/209830100 with way/1122621660

A library replaced with a bigger building:
way/210105303 with way/1122640709


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