Improve description on how to document tags

According to Any tags you like - OpenStreetMap Wiki any mapper can invent a new tag when needed but Creating a page describing key or value - OpenStreetMap Wiki is not in a good condition. Many TODOs and I am missing a recommendation for a basic structure of new wiki pages. (Instead it is recommended to copy a similar page, which isn’t bad advice but it could be better.)

My impression is that there are discussion on the forums or mailings list that have a result that is never documented. This might be caused by the fact that documenting tags is not perfectly documented.

There are also some other issues:

  1. Who is allowed to change existing wiki pages and how much discussion is needed beforehand? (In the Germany forum there are regularly discussions like “Someone changed a wiki page. Has there been any discussion?” most recent example Radverkehrsanlagen kartieren: designated wird zu yes / users: Germany / OpenStreetMap Forum My impression is that this uncertainty prevents some mappers from documenting their tags and encourages others to change pages without discussion.
    [Btw just after writing this I ran into this problem myself: How to tag markers of forest compartments? - #13 by InfosReseaux only 5 days discussion was maybe to fast.]
  2. There is User:Joto/How to invent tags - OpenStreetMap Wiki but is mostly from 2010. Maybe it should be updated. There is also a more modern alternative How to invent new tags in 2021 | but it is only a personal blog.
  3. Are there any organized efforts to keep different language versions consistent? (Eg. It should be possible to check for missing tags in tables like Key:healthcare:speciality - OpenStreetMap Wiki)
  4. The proposals category Category:Proposals with "Proposed" status - OpenStreetMap Wiki needs to be cleaned up (Eg. Proposed features/Admission - OpenStreetMap Wiki seems to be rejected, Proposed features/link - OpenStreetMap Wiki is abandoned). Who is allowed to do that?

Maybe some points should be discussed in separate topics. For now I’d mostly like to hear if others see these issues as well. (And know that some of these things are a lot of work.)

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