Improve initial account settings

When I registered with discourse in order to answer a topic, I was swamped with unwanted notifications. Both unwanted notifications on screen and multiple unwanted mails informing me of the unwanted notifications.

The first experience was annoying. Some stuff feels not only useless but rightout ridiculous to a veteran user, like notifications about great achievements like “you were awarded first emoji”. And I spent quite some time looking for the reason for the notification spam and needed several attempts to disable it.

Still can’t get of those great achievement notifications, now I am sooo proud of “you were awarded first like”. :frowning:

Is there a way to disable all notifications except for active observation of a topic and all mail notifications by default and make them opt-in? I think that would greatly improve the first-time experience for new users and make it feel more like hassle-free OSM, less like annoying opt-out facebook.

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