Improve "Report User" notifications in OSM Website

The current implementation of the “Report User” feature in OSM does not appear to notify the originator of the process.

I have used it several times to report spammers, and it seems to have been effective. However, I never received any email notifications regarding the reports. I had to manually search for the conflicting comments in the original changeset and find the user ID.

I have reported the issue and a posted a technical proposal in OSM website repository:

Should I assume the messages are read internally by DWG who then take action ?

I am aware of the direct DWG email route, but I want to make it simpler and more functional for new OSM users.

If the email option is truly the preferred method, I would suggest instead that the “Report User” link launches a new pre-formatted email with a copy (cc) of the original email user included.

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