Improving distinction between local and global topics for more productive communications

Something I find unusual in the community site which didn’t happen with the forum before is that when I decide to create a local community topic (e.g. Thailand) vs a global topic, I did not expect participants from outside the community to join.

Communities have a lot of contexts, history, and different members and I find it very unproductive that outsiders add their opinion, often unrelated or conflicting, and this can easily end up with an endless debate and simply discourage the local community members to participate in a local topic.

Don’t get me wrong, I respect people’s opinions and when looking for a solution to a global problem, I always create a global topic.

My feeling is that:

  • the community category may not be prominent enough and people thought this was a global topic
  • there may be an incentive (badges) to post a lot of replies
  • topics are often reached from the landing page

My proposal, for now, would be to:

  • remove the visible posts from the Communities on the landing page
  • makes the communities label more prominent with a country flag if possible

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