Improving the affiliation scheme of the OSMF

Hello OSM community,

Opening this thread for your ideas on how we can improve affiliation scheme in OSMF!

The topic of improving/expanding affiliation schemes in OSMF has been an agenda of LCCWG for quite some time now. Early this year, we prioritized updating the Local Chapters process and documentation and tabled this topic for Local Chapters Congress as well as in other spaces (e.g. regional SotM’s self-organized sessions, if any).


Currently, the OSMF only recognizes geography-based Local Chapters as affiliates of the Foundation (see the Local Chapters page on the OSMF website). The Foundation has now recognized 18 Local Chapters.

It was observed that having Local Chapters as our only affiliation model is too limiting and sometimes provides a high or unreachable burden for various OSM communities worldwide. Taking a leaf from other open-data and open-knowledge communities such as the Wikimedia Movement, it was recognized that other forms of affiliation model would be nice to have. One suggested model is to have a lightweight user group model that can be used in lieu of or as a stepping stone to Local Chapter status. Another model is to also recognize thematic groups or communities such as Youthmappers, GeoChicas, etc.

Again, we welcome your ideas on how we can improve affiliation scheme in OSMF through this thread!

We highly encourage you to join LCCWG to help us advance this agenda :slight_smile:

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