Inconsistent function of the "like" buttons

If you react to a post by using the button like (heart) or thumbs_up in both cases the red heart will appear among the action buttons (bottom line, right side). This is well known and has been criticized earlier. It has been requested to replace the heart by the :+1: button here:

Could we have a emoji :thumps up: as reaction? - #52 by chris66

but no result so far.

If you choose any of the other buttons available (like frowning face for instance), the chosen emoji will also appear in the bottom line, but at the left side (the heart icon on the right side is not affected in this case).

If any emoji is already placed on the left side and another user choses to give this post a like or thumbs up, the corresponding icon will be placed beside the already existing emoji there.

I believe this is what most of us users would like. Click a heart, show the heart. Click the :+1: ,show the :+1: . Apparently it is possible under certain conditions. Can we get this working as standard setting?

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