Indian Reservation Sublevel Tagging


How would one tag sublevels of Indian Reservations in the US? Currently (at least in SD) they’re tagged with “boundary:administrative” “admin_level:7” like townships and that isn’t entirely correct in my opinion… but I can’t think of an alternative solution as “boundary:aboriginal_lands” doesn’t have sublevels as far as I can tell. This isn’t necessarily a problem in places where the tribe is essentially the only government in the area (Pine Ridge, Rosebud) but can be a problem where the reservation overlaps with county/state boundaries (Lake Traverse).

See Relation: ‪Old Agency District‬ (‪13839748‬) | OpenStreetMap and Relation: ‪Crow Creek District‬ (‪13836762‬) | OpenStreetMap for examples.

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