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Hello everyone!

Last weekend we had a workshop around indoor mapping in Frankfurt (Arbeitstreffen Indoor OSM 2022 - OpenStreetMap Wiki). While very productive we didn’t even get close to covering all topics, so we want to follow up on this with a couple of online meetings. This would hopefully also help with expanding collaboration beyond the initially rather German-centric workshop.

The proposed topic for the first session would be questions around the level tag, such as:

  • What is a level, how to deal with intermediate/fractional levels.
  • How to deal with level tags beyond a single self-contained building (e.g. for large train stations).
  • Inconsistencies between level and repeat_on.

The proposed time frame for this would be around the third week in November, with the exact day and time to determined by a poll (times in CET): Umfrage - Indoor mapping online meeting - nuudel

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