Industrial laundries

What’s a good tag for industrial laundries, also known as industrial washhouses? These are factory-like facilities where clothes are sorted, washed, dried, and folded on an industrial scale. Factories, hospitals, hotels, laboratories, car repair shops, and prisons make use of industrial laundries, either on the premises or contracted out to a third party. Companies that specialize in this industry call themselves uniform services, uniform cleaning services, or linen services.

Many industrial laundries are mapped in OSM as plain named buildings. The Name Suggestion Index project has had to decline multiple submissions of large uniform rental companies, because there’s no established tag for them.

I’ve been tagging them as industrial=laundry, treating it as a top-level feature tag but typically dual-tagging it with either landuse=industrial or building=industrial. I recognize that some mappers frown upon treating industrial=* as a top-level feature key. On the other hand, industrial=laundry is consistent with historic washhouses, which are being tagged as historic=laundry. What are some other options?

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