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Andy from the DWG here. I’m creating a topic here to discuss edits such as We’ve had numerous complaints about edits by this mapper in the past, and again about this particular change. I believe that it would help if the person making these edits could explain their methodology, and other people could explain the things that they believe are issues.

To get the ball rolling, here are the issues that I see, speaking as someone “familiar with locating pipelines based on on-the-ground markers and imagery evidence” (albeit in the UK not the US):

This change added and , and at they’re adjacent to (which was added by someone else previously) and Way: 833942478 | OpenStreetMap (added by this mapper the day before this change).

Sometimes the alignment matches the imagery (eg. and sometimes it does not ( Pipeline markers for exist (e.g. but I’ve not yet spotted any for the two new ways added.

I’m sure that there’s some gas infrastructure along that corridor, but I’m not sure how anyone can see from imagery that there are exactly 4 pipelines in the indicated area? Also, since the alignments don’t match imagery presumably that came from somewhere else, as did the pipeline diameter?

I’m hoping that this discussion will allow everyone to pitch in and explain why these edits are or are not OK, and if not what would need to happen to make them OK.

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