Initial discussion: Possible new way of mapping emergency service areas & locations

During discussions about the emergency=disaster_response proposal, I had a thought, brought on by a couple of comments, about possibly completely redoing the way we currently map the areas and locations used by emergency services, as well as the way we tag them!

So, currently we map the various emergency services (Police, fire & ambulance) in different ways:

Police stations, and their land, are both Tag:amenity=police - OpenStreetMap Wiki, together with Key:police - OpenStreetMap Wiki for “other” Police-related features.

Fire stations are Tag:amenity=fire_station - OpenStreetMap Wiki, with their buildings as

Ambulance stations are Tag:emergency=ambulance_station - OpenStreetMap Wiki, but they don’t render on Carto, although the others do.

Here’s a spot with all three of them sitting side-by-side: OpenStreetMap

There is also for “civil protection agencies”

I would like to look at introducing a new tag of , similar to Tag:landuse=military - OpenStreetMap Wiki, to cover the areas for all emergency-service units / bases.

Together with that, also copy Key:military_service - OpenStreetMap Wiki, to show what particular service (Police / Fire / Ambulance) are there.

We could also include the & layers to further define what goes on at any emergency-service station?

This could also be extended to include the various other Rescue groups covered under Emergency facilities and amenities - OpenStreetMap Wiki.

So, thoughts, comments & suggestions?

& yes, I do know that I am talking about potentially modifying 300k features! :grinning:

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