Intermittent rendering of URL to images in Discourse?

What and who is affected by this issue/request?

At least the posts that contain multiple URLs to pictures (and users trying to view them, of course) .

Specifically in this case, links to, when put on line by itself, should show the image (and other metadata like filename). And they do while editing in preview pane, and (it seems) for a few seconds after the post is submitted, but after several seconds most of the links lose images.

Where on the platform does it happen?

in such post with multiple images being displayed. Here is an example post where it happens:

  • Here is how it looks during editing (all 12 images are visible in preview pane):

  • and here is how it looks after the post is submitted: (only some of images show, majority do not):

How do we replicate the issue?

  1. create a post
  2. put an URL by itself on the line containing some wikimedia commons URL like
  3. repeat step 2. several times (I did 11 times) for different pictures
  4. notice that all pictures are shown in editor preview pane
  5. submit post
  6. notice that in submitted post, many URLs lack pictures and contain only filename instead
  7. try refreshing, opening in other browser etc - the images are still missing
  8. click edit icon
  9. notice that all images are shown again in preview pane

Expected behavior (i.e. solution)

All images should be shown even after the post is submitted.

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